Kerstin Holster

California native and Oregonian transplant living in the Pacific Northwest has opened doors and opportunities I always dreamed of. I love riding bikes, motocross, gardening, healthy living, traveling, hiking, adventuring! But most of all.. I love racing. I have been riding bicycles and dirtbikes since I was around 4 years old. From digging piles of dirt in my yard to jump off of, to racing the neighborhood kids up and down the road all I wanted to do was be on two wheels. When I first started riding downhill mountain bikes I didn’t have many goals except to have fun and get faster! With my competitive nature I knew I needed to race. The transition from racing motocross to racing downhill has been extremely smooth. I continue to train on my dirt bike for endurance, stamina and of course for the fun of it! I believe with hard-work, dedication and passion you can do anything. Please be apart of my journey through professional racing, riding and loving life!

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