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Gear Review

The Journey and the Jersey

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I have to admit something. I have never even been on a cycling team before. I was searching for a team that I could feel proud of. I wanted to be on a team with like-minded, kick-ass individuals who were passionate about cycling the same way that I was. I wanted a team that was about more than performance. So, when I realized that there weren’t enough teams that fit this profile, I decided that we would just have to make one!

A team that I could count on when storming the castle!
You have to find the right team that will help you storm the castle when you can’t even stand up.

The thing about creating a team when you have never been on one before is that it can take time to figure things out. However, one thing that I knew from the start is that we needed jerseys. We needed cute and cozy jerseys that we would be stoked to wear. So, we started the search. For a small team in the sunrise of their career, it can be a daunting task. We struggled to find options that wouldn’t break the bank and would be able to support a small order size. We also struggled with the diversity of our team; as not everyone would want a tight fitted cross country style jersey.

That is when it was time to step out of the box a bit. Why not find a company that would fit our values AND our style needs and print them ourselves? Enter  Ashley Rankin, founder of Shredly. From the beginning, Ashley was super supportive and helpful. She dealt with my questions about screen printing, order logistics, timelines AND she was still happy to support our fledgling team.

So many colorful options!
So many colorful options!

We knew that supporting a US clothing company that designs gear for and by a lady shredder was a no brainer, but we had never had the Shredly experience. There are not enough stores that carry Shredly. I hope that will change in the future, but for now, perhaps our experiences can help inform your decision to go Shredly.

Once we got the gear in our grubby little hands, we knew it would be magic. It was REALLY hard not to wear the jersey before getting it printed! A quick try on gave me my first impression. All I could think was: Stupid Sexy Flanders! I was dancing around the house repeating: “It’s like wearing nothing at all!” Seriously cozy.

I couldn’t resist getting a pair of the Louise MTB shorts and yogachams to go with the jersey.  Neither of these disappoint. The chamois sit a little shorter then I expected. At first a felt a little startled, but in performance, it allows it to sit better when worn with knee pads. The chamois itself was has been super comfortable on every ride. The shorts, besides have a great print, are made with a light weight fabric that I will continue to praise as the summer continues.

Shredding in comfort
Shredding in comfort

The jersey printed like a dream. As Ashley promised, it took the print really well. Even our Honeybones designed Branson looks great on the back of the big jersey pockets. Beyond the print, the lightweight jersey is completely breathable, fits well and provides the perfect amount of coverage. As demonstrated by that stupid sexy Flanders, I frequently forget about it when I am on the bike. This is a wonderful thing. The last thing that you should be thinking about when you are shredding is your jersey. Although highly discouraged, it performs well during shoulder reductions as well.

Can't miss these jerseys on the race field!
These colors don’t hide.

The added bonus is that the jerseys are super easy to spot! It is easy to spot your teammates out on the field!

Still need convincing? Here’s what other No Apologies! have to say:

Stephanie Says: “I love supporting a homegrown company, especially a women’s specific company that shreds.  I mostly like that Shredly has well thought out clothing for the task.  It seems that Shredly has hit the nail on the head.  I have to say the jerseys are very comfortable and flattering, and provide enough coverage on the backside.  The only thing I would request would be deeper pockets with more security.  I also added the Yogacham and a pair of the Kortney MTB Long shorts.  I do agree with Rheannon that the yogasham is a little on the short side, but they keep my butt happy with well thought out padding.  I enjoy that overshorts are a lightweight material, and have adjustable velcro tabs on the sides.  These are not only great for shredding, but I’ve also used them for commuting.  They are the perfect length to keep your knees comfortably warm on chilly mornings and you can pop the zipper vents open on the front if things start to heat up. The side leg pocket is also great because you can put stuff in without it feeling baggy and flopping around.  All in all I am impressed with Shredly threads, I like that you can get down and dirty and look great doing it.  I look forward to adding more Shredly to the bike clothes corral.  Thank you Ashley for creating Shredly!”

Michelle Says: “I love my Shredly jersey – it’s long enough that it doesn’t ride up on my belly, and it’s a true-to-size fit; if you’re a medium, buy a medium. If you’re a large, buy a large! There’s nothing more irritating than purchasing what you think is your size and end up either flapping in the wind or feeling like a stuffed sausage. The fabric does a great job of wicking away moisture, and odor. Comfortable, looks great, stays dry… perfect!”

Sarah Says: “This jersey is like wearing your favorite t-shirt, fitting perfectly without any itchy/flappy/zippy drama. But unlike your favorite tee, it’s super breathable and the mesh panels perform well in this crazy heat.  Style-wise, it strikes a great balance of having a technical fabric with great coverage in the back, while looking pretty sweet  when we’re walking around at an event. I wasn’t so sure about the coral color at first, but it’s unique and the fit is flattering. It has become one of my go-to jerseys I grab for a ride!”

Gear Review

Shredly is here!

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This little package arrived in the mail yesterday!

Super excited to be sporting Shredly jerseys this year. Next step is getting them printed. Stay posted for a full review of the Shredly gear. My first impression is that these are the most comfortable MTB shorts I have ever tried on.
For those of you that don’t know. Shredly is MTB/outdoor gear designed by and for Women and made in the US. Check it out.