We are a group of adventurers that would like to see more ladies out on the dirt shredding and having fun! We seek to lead by example. We all have lofty goals of self-improvement (athletic and otherwise) and want to find ways to support each other to meet these goals while having as much fun as possible. We are more about laughs and personal goals than podium finishes (although those don’t hurt).

We are somewhat based in the Corvallis area (currently extending from Eugene to the San Juan Islands).

Our name is in reference to the litany of apologies that are frequently heard on the trail. It is a reminder to embrace our strong suits and be okay with our mistakes. We need to either stop apologizing for our shortcomings or change them.  Let’s stop apologizing and have more fun in the dirt!

Mission Statement:

  • Encourage and empower women to get involved in the mountain bike community at all levels, whether it’s racing, trail building, learning bicycle mechanics, advocacy or supporting a family adventure ride.
  • To remove apologies – both spoken and unspoken – from the female trail experience. To encourage and inspire ourselves and others to use biking as a means of self-compassion, exploration, and personal growth, which can be applied on or off the trail.
  • To be a positive presence in our communities, focusing on trail building and advocacy, women’s group rides, kids and family events, and online.