Adventure Report

Ridin’ and buildin’

Epic lunch spots deserve nothing less than an avocado sandwich.

Rheannon and I rounded out our spring breaks with a nice balance of some all-day epic trails at Oakridge, followed by an early morning OSU trail build day out at Vineyard Mountain. (It makes me wonder – what would be the third addition to make this weekend a mountain biking trifecta?)

Jim and Rheannon’s good omen en route to OROR.

Since Rheannon is training for the Cream Puff, she, Jim and a couple of friends decided to get up early and eschew Oakridge’s friendly bike shuttle to make the 3,500 feet climb up road 1910, where the rest of our group met them at Kate’s Cut-in. The road climbing crew arrived with smiles on their faces and we had a blast riding ATCA – Upper Alpine, Tire Mountain, Cloverpatch, then lower Alpine.

Five minutes into my first descent on Alpine I thought to myself, “Why haven’t I ridden this before???? Like, a LOT of times????” I had a perma smile pasted on my face that propelled me through the tough climbs (and seemingly endless switchbacks at places). Thankfully our crew knew how to infuse some leisure into a long day – it was the perfect mix of shredding, climbing, snacking, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Perfect ‘lunch on the ridge’ weather

After falling face first into a table full of tacos Saturday night at Eugene’s Tacovore and getting a good night’s sleep, Rheannon, JIm and I headed out to Lewisburg Saddle Saturday morning for an OSU trail building work party. The college is taking out the unauthorized Tower (Antenna) Trail and digging the new Vineyard Mountain Trail corridor that will connect the top of Vineyard Mountain with the Saddle.

We were there the whole time, yet new trails always appear almost magically!

We were happy to help break ground on this new project, and I’m pretty excited about all the new trails that volunteer coordinator Matt McPharlin said the college has in store – a Horse-Saddle connector plus an overhaul of the High-Low trail that will connect Peavy with the Saddle. It’s gonna be great when we can leave from the Saddle and hit more single track without so much gravel grinding!

build day4
A great view on the new trail!

What a great weekend – and it’s only going to get better! We’re looking forward to more trail stewardship and definitely getting out to Oakridge more this season (especially since that is Rheannon’s training grounds for the Cream Puff!)

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