Spring Fling Volunteer Day

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As part as our “will work to race” policy, Soso and I volunteered to help out at the Spring Fling trail run that is put on by our favorite Corvallis area race promoter. We woke up at 5 am, drank a lot of coffee and made our way to Alsea Falls. It was still VERY dark out as we prepared ourselves for the day. We helped with set up and spent the first few hours registering runners for either the half marathon, 10k or 5k distances that were available. I was very impressed with the brave runners who turned out for a very muddy, very wet run! We felt nice and snug hiding under the registration booth while the rain came down. Eventually though, we had to leave the comfort of fresh baked blueberry muffins and ventured out to sweep the half marathon course. We chased after them with the 10k hot on our heels. However, it didn’t take long for us to catch the tail end of our group. We then went into hiding mode. We didn’t want to put pressure on the amazing woman who was rocking out her first ever half marathon. She didn’t pick an easy one!

IMG_1342Our best attempts at hiding

IMG_1339 We did occasionally sneak out of hiding to share some food and encouragement. Nothing like gels, goos and water to keep a person going! We fueled ourselves with some avocado sandwiches and pushed ourselves up the nasty backside Alsea climb. We stopped to break down the top aid station and gave ourselves plenty of space to enjoy a very wet decent down a few of the mountain biker built trails that were on the course. After that we continued pulling down trail markings and practicing our track stands as we made the way back down to the finish. All and all it was a great experience and we were able help a few runners stay on course. We will certainly be back to help again!

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